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A sacred practice - Yoga Wollongong

Yoga Classes

Due to the current NSW Health guideline for Covid-19 all of our Open Yoga classes will take place on Zoom. We are offering face to face classes for private and yoga therapy students. 

Our classes are intimate with a maximum of 8-10 students usually less. We focus on adjusting the practice to suit the students who attend. Chairs are available for all classes if you require additional support. 

 “Physical practices are essentially about free participation in the breath. To be with the breath is to be with that which is breathing you. The body remains soft and structured around the breath movement and the moving anatomy services the breath process. The body movement is the breath movement and vice versa. The mind naturally participates in this process and becomes clear as it links to the whole body, the intelligence of Life. This may be a challenge but not a struggle. The challenge is within the breath limits, not in the musculature. Practices are designed for the individual and real Yoga is within everyone’s capability.” Mark Whitwell The Heart of Yoga 


Group Yoga Classes

All classes are $10  

Booking is a must

Book your class via our mind body app

You will receive zoom link – 30 minutes before the class begins



Cancel a minimum of 3 hours before to reschedule your class
Classes can be mixed depending on your schedule using your class pass.

Looking to deepen your Yoga Practice?

Ray of Light offers yoga therapy, private yoga sessions, workshops, regular retreats, teacher training and mentoring.
So many ways to deepen your experience of yoga right here in Wollongong.