Face to face counseling

“Know thyself – heal thyself”

"The quality of our relationships determines the the quality of our lives" Esther Perel

Rachel’s approach 

  • Relationship counselling inspired by family systems theory, attachment theory, The Gottmans, Esther Perel, David Snarch. 
  • Polyvagal and trauma informed counselling 
  • RET- Rapid exposure tapping supporting clients with disturbing and traumatic memories
  • Yoga therapy – embodiment practices,  using gentle movements, breath and mindfulness 


When you are ready to book your appointment please fill out the intake form below. Please read our privacy policy. 


Cost: $130 per hour

Rachel Nokes – Relationship specialist 

 Couple and family therapist / Yoga therapist 

At different junctions in life, we find we need to support the support of another. Therapeutic counselling not just about identifying a problem and finding a solution,  it is also about illuminating unknown parts of ourselves. These revelations push us to limits we didn’t even know existed. After which we emerge and grow further into ourselves. I see my role as helping you find your way in overcoming obstacles and creating the kind of life you want to lead.  I won’t tell you what to do or make your decisions for you.  I will listen, non-judgmentally and compassionately, and support you on your journey


I am an experienced couple and family therapsist. I see clients face to face and online. My clinic in Bulli, near Wollongong is a tranquil place nestled in the rainforest where herbal tea is always brewing. Walk down the garden path, through the wooden gate and enter a tranquil space. Take a deep breath; you have arrived into the luscious rainforest that surrounds the Ray of Light clinic. Here, with the backdrop of nature’s chorus, you will be greeted with a warm welcome.

The quality of our relationships determines the the quality of our lives” Esther Perel 

Booking your appointment 

I see individuals face to face and via zoom. Couples and families are in person only. 

When you are ready to move forward with counselling. Please fill out the counselling intake form. Rachel will be in touch within 72 hours to confirm I’ve received your details I will be in touch to clarity any information to ensure she is the best fit for you.

A brief phone assessment with both partners may be necessary if you are looking for couple counselling. 

 You will receive a welcome email with booking link to arrange your first appointment. Please note payment is required on booking. 




“If I could provide three words to describe Rachel, I would use kind, gentle and graceful in her approach. Rachel has a loving ability to hold space for true feelings and emotions to unfold. During our sessions, she offers practical and tangible tools through a yogic, and counselling lens, leading to many ‘aha’ moments and a shift in daily rituals, inner dialogue, habits, and overall energy.” 

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