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Yoga Teaching skills and a love of yoga that will enrich and inspire you for a life-time

Ray Of Light Teacher Training

Foundational level modules

Our Online Yoga teacher-training program is a thoughtful blend of ancient philosophy with a focus on contemporary application. The course is designed to be a personal and transformational experience that celebrates the gift of life as our greatest teacher. We support you to develop a strong foundation in Yoga with your personal practice, teaching skills and a love of yoga that will both enrich and inspire you and your students for a lifetime.

Our program involves live lectures each Tuesday where we delve deep into the teachings of yoga and have the invaluable opportunity to connect and build strong bonds with those who are partaking in the course alongside you. The online course allows for greater flexibility and convenience, and you will receive an extensive library of online resources including pre-recorded practices,.allowing yourself the freedom and enjoyment of moving through the teachings in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

How divine!

About Rachel Nokes

Rachel Nokes is the principle teacher on the course. She is an experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, trainer, and counsellor with many years of practical experience as well as qualifications in these fields. Rachel has found her life’s purpose and she would love to inspire you to find yours.

Over the past eleven years of teaching Rachel has integrated her learning offer methodical approach to Vinyasa Yoga greatly inspired by the teachings of TVK Desikachar and Krishnamacharya. This includes intelligent sequence design, the weaving of Yogic philosophy and real-life story telling along with breath practices and meditation into the Yoga practice. Rachel loves how her students can choose from a range of Yoga tools so that the practice can really be made available to all students.

Rachel leads retreats in Australia, Europe, Bali and India. Rachel also offers ongoing mentoring and training to teachers who have completed the Ray of light teacher training or those looking to continue their exploration of Yoga philosophy and teaching. Rachel loves how the Yoga family is expanding and celebrates the rich diversity in the students who attend her courses.

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Yoga Teacher Training – Wollongong

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  • Starts February 2021dates to be confirmed.
  • One weekend a month for 12 months.

Course Cost

Course cost $6995
$500 Discount for full payment made in advance
Payment plan option deducted through your credit card.  

Course Inclusions

Two text books
Lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea

How do I apply?

  • Fill in and submit the online application form (or download and send completed form to
  • You will be notified within 5 days of your acceptance. If for any reason you don’t hear from us please call Rachel 0414 585 688.
  • We offer a complimentary 30 minute phone session with Rachel to explore your expectations, you can ask questions and check the course is the right match for you. Please indicate on your application form if you’d like to arrange this. 
  • Pay your $900 non refundable deposit to secure your space.

Yoga History

What is yoga and where did it originate?

What is yoga and where did it originate? This module traces the journey of yoga from it’s ancient roots to it’s modern day voice. The teachings we share have a lineage so in these sessions we share the family tree of our teachers and their teachers. We have an overview of the ancient text that underpins our modern practice. We are grateful to those who have shared this ancient wisdom with us and acknowledge them in all that we share.

Bring it home

We believe that creating a personalised approach to practice where you can move and breathe at your own pace is truly transformational. You’ll receive an individual practice from Rachel as part of the course and will be supported in creating your personal “Sadhana” both on and off the mat.


The “Science of life” encapsulates a huge area including herbal medicine, rejuvenation, body therapies, beauty and astrology. We focus on the practical aspects such as lifestyle, food, seasonal living and understanding our constitution. We will share our love of Ayurveda through food and lifestyle practices that assist us in staying balanced and radiant throughout the year.

Rachel is able to create the same bhavana, feeling, quality of experience online as she does in person.

I have been a student of Rachel over several years and completed my teacher training with her in person as well.

I have participated in her live online classes as well as her online program and one to one mentoring sessions. If you are looking to continue to go deeper into your yoga practice in safe experienced trauma informed hands, then I highly recommend Rachel’s offerings to you.

As a teacher or a practitioner having her loving guidance and wealth of knowledge to support you on your path is an invaluable resource.

Thank you Rachel.

Victoria Yoga

Yoga Teacher, The Love of Yoga

I’m really enjoying Ray of Light’s online course.

Rachel has designed a comprehensive course that encompasses all that Yoga has to offer. It is so much more than asana (poses). I love the integration of chanting, pranayama Sanskrit and Ayurveda. The course allows me to delve deeper into my practice of yoga. The videos and accompanying handouts are clear and can be replayed when and where it suits me in my time; this provides me with great flexibility ..haha, not only of body but mind too.

Rachel’s deep knowledge, experience and love for yoga shine through, especially when she is chanting. Rachel offers so much more than a course, it is an experience.
Victoria Yoga

Yoga Teacher, Wild Lime Yoga

Yoga lifestyle

“Yoga isn’t something we do it’s a way of being”

Yoga Techniques

The theory and practice of yoga techniques including āsana (postures), pranayama (breath techniques), dharana (meditation), bandha (energetics), mantra (chanting), and other traditional yoga techniques. Substantial emphasis will be given to the theory, guided and personal practice. Start where you are. There are no physical prerequisites for our course and teaching, just a desire to learn. We teach from the premise “meet your students where they are” and we will teach you to do the same.

Principles of āsana practice

This topic introduces the classification of the postures, the function of the postures and the breathing patterns connected to the movements.

Students will be able teach safely and direct students into each posture sequence within their personal physical capacity and with an understanding of the function and the effect of the pose on the spine, breath and energetics.




Sequencing Yoga Classes 

 This module teaches trainees to design effective sequences with a range of considerations such as audience, time of the day, length of class, age of students and intention or theme of the class. You will be confident in creating effective sequences being mindful of keeping the session moving intelligently through various stages including warm up, preparing the body, mind and breath for a specific goal.. 

Asana Application and Yoga Class Design

 Learn ways to modify the postures and vary the form of the classical postures to suit your students. Students will learn how to alter the breathing within the postures and the effect of this. You will learn how to assist and support students with injuries and health issues. We believe a good yoga practice is a safe practice.


Yoga Teaching methods

You will study and practice teaching methodologies including principles of demonstration, observation, communication, instruction, teaching styles and learning styles.


7 Steps to learning and teaching Yoga 

Students will learn about the process of learning and teaching. You will understand the importance of the process and learn and that teaching from experience is key. 


The pedagogy of teaching and facilitating 

Students will learn an educational model for yoga teachers. You will be introduced to the adult learning styles and how these impact on methods of teaching. Students will reflect on their own personal learning style and how this will inform their role as a guide. You’ll be inspired to experiment with ways in which you share yoga as guide for students, developing your personal style, creativity and flair as a teacher.


The Language of Yoga teaching – Modifications 

 Yoga practices can be adapted to a wide range of practitioners . This module explores how to modify the practice so all students can benefit from the effects. You will be taught how to use inclusive verbal cues and props to support your students in achieving the function of the practice. 


Yoga Techniques and practice – Intro to pranayama

An introduction to the role of the breath in a yoga practice including the practice of pranayama. We discuss the use of the breath in moving in and out of postures and the function of the diaphragm. This module emphasises the importance of the breath in yoga. After completing this module you will understand the role of the breath to provide calmness to the body and quietness to the mind as well as how to use the breath in various ways in a Yoga practice.. 

Nada Yoga – Sound and Mantra

During the course you will be taught the basics of Sanskrit pronunciation so that you can correctly pronounce posture names and other key Yogic terms. You will be helped understand how the various sounds and vibrations affect the constitution and how to include chanting and sound in yoga classes. You will participate in call and response Kirtan sessions and will be taught Sanskrit chants during group practices. You will also be guided to choose mantras or sounds as part of your home practice.

Yoga Meditation

Theory and Practice Students will learn about the different qualities of the mind as outlined in the Yogic text and learn techniques that invite the mind into focus. Students will experience a range of different meditation practices in our online group classes and will become confident in teaching simple methods to their students. You will become comfortable explaining the purpose and benefits of meditation.

Trauma informed Yoga teaching

We want to make yoga safe and accessible to a wide range of students and feel it’s imperative for Yoga teachers to understand the impact of trauma. This module includes an Introduction to trauma theory, the four key principles of the Trauma Sensitive Yoga approach and how to apply this method to public classes. We cover the basics on how yoga can be adapted in specific contexts to support trauma sensitive principles.

Yoga Philosophy

The subtle body Students will have a basic understanding the inner workings of Prana its affect on our psychology and physiology. You will learn about the layers of our constitution and how each of them is related.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

This is our major text for the course. You’ll learn about the eight limbs of yoga, the obstructions and other Yogic psychology covered in this amazing text. Students will chant the sutras during the course and learn key concepts from the text using discussion/reflection and journaling.

Bhagavad Gita

Students will learn about the four paths to yoga presented in this epic text. In small groups students will study important chapters. You will develop understanding of the context of the text and how you can use the text for personal reflection, growth and your teaching career.


Students will be presented with an ethical framework underpinned by Yogic philosophy. We will discuss and reflect on the power dynamics of the teacher student relationship. We will review documents on ethics as written by the Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Ethics Association.


Business of Yoga

This teaches the basics of running a business in Australia including legal and tax requirements and registration options for yoga teachers. Trainees will learn how to legally register a business and what record keeping and reporting is necessary. They will also understand insurance requirements and occupational health and safety guidelines, which must be adhered to provide a safe business and practice environment.
We will facilitate discussion and planning around who you feel called to share yoga with an how you will move forward this with a sketched out vision and initial business plan. We will discuss marketing and ways to communicate your unique offering.

Foundations of Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga teachers

Students will be presented with an overview of the major systems of the body, the basic physiology behind common pathologies, and appropriate modifications to promote management. The course curriculum covers a detailed study of the musculoskeletal system including bones, joints, muscles and fascia and application of its principles to asana practice. Students will learn injury prevention and modification for injury management through asana.

Guest Yoga Teachers

We are grateful to high caliber guest teachers who share on our training

Applied anatomy and physiology


Lis is a highly experienced Yoga teacher and exercise physiologist with a passion for sharing practical applied anatomy for our training.


Prenatal Yoga

Briony Goodsell  –

Briony is a passionate prenatal yoga trainer, doula and nutritionist with a deep connection to Ayurveda. You will learn how to modify the yoga practice for the pregnancy. Briony also runs additional training for those interested in training specifically in pre and postnatal Yoga and Ayurveda.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teaching

Sarah Ball

Sarah is a yoga teacher, trainer and counsellor who specialises in empowering Yoga teachers and students in the area of mental health issues and trauma. Sarah offers further specialist training for those seeking to deepen in this area such as health practitioners and is also teaches on our level 2 training.


Teaching yoga to children and teens

Kathy Gaudiosi-

Kathy is an inspiring teacher with a passion for sharing Yoga with our younger generation. This is a practical and informative workshop that is bound in inspire you.

Chanting and voice projection

Lulu & Mischka

This module is led by international kirtan musicians Lulu and Miskha. They are two souls devoted to supporting the awakening of humanity through music and stillness. It covers the practice of chanting and voice projection. It’s a fun an experiential workshop that will have you inspired.


Inclusions – You’ll Enjoy !

  • Complimentary membership of our online studio collection
  • Two hundred hours of online training with Rachel and highly regarded guest trainers.
  • A welcome goodie bag with items to support your Yoga journey.
  • An extensive teacher training manual
  • Two text-books
  • Two private lessons with Rachel online.
  • Online support between weekends your teachers are available via telephone or email.
  • Online resource library that you’ll have access to ongoingly.

Terms & Conditions of Certification

• All assessment tasks through out the course must be completed to achieve certification at the end of the course.
• A daily self practice and journal
• Advance notice of absence must be given where possible.
• Students may miss 2 days of the course but will be expected to complete assignments as required.
• All days missed require a minimum of a 1 hour mentoring session ($110 per session).


What Yoga teaching qualification will I gain?

• All assessment tasks throughout the course must be completed to achieve certification at the end of the course.
• Advance notice of absence must be given where possible.
• If you are unable to make the live lectures you must make them up at a later date.

What ongoing support is available after completing the Yoga teacher training course?

After completing the course you will be qualified to teach, however, additional training, mentoring/apprenticeship with Ray of Light Yoga is highly recommended. Continuing education is really valuable for additional learning, support and inspiration, and to keep you in contact with your teachers and peers. It’s also a requirement of continuing membership of many yoga associations.
We offer advanced teacher training courses, teacher mentoring circles and private sessions. to support after your training. All of these can count toward your continued learning and some towards your next level of Teacher Training if you are registered with Yoga Alliance.


What if I change my mind or am unable to complete the course?

Unfortunately there will be no refund or exchange to another course. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed individually.


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