Spring Day Retreat

Saturday 20th October 

Honor the transition from winter to spring

“Rejuventation brings you a long life, a sharp memory, intelligence, freedom from disease, youthfullness, beauty, a sweet voice respect and brilliance. “ Charaka Samhita

We all want to feel great and quite simply life is more difficult when we don’t feel our best. How  we keep moving towards the goal, constantly and gently is a constant process our day retreats provide an opportunity to reflect, tune and and keep moving towards balance. 

Spring invites the qualities of renewal, new beginnings and setting roots to sustrain us through summer. Be inspired to set a firm intention for all you want to cultivate in your life. This beautiful day retreat includes a seasonal yoga session and an Ayurvedic cooking workshop– encouraging you to become your most radiant self and mainfest your full potential as we move into the warmer months.

 Cost $125

Includes handouts, a delcious lunch and seaonal gift for self care. 


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Rachel Nokes

Rachel is the founder and principal teacher of Ray of Light. She has been teaching yoga for over ten years and travels regularly to India to study both yoga and Ayurveda with her teachers. She weaves her understanding of yoga philosophy throughout her classes and shares passionately with others the ways in which these sister sciences can help us to live more healthy, joyful and radiant lives.