Revealing Wholeness Yoga Retreat

23rd – 27th April 2021

Yoga Philosophy and Practice Immersion

Āsana ~ Prānāyāma ~ Svādhyāya ~Mantra


The Offering

“We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.” The Talmud

A 5-day deep exploration into the Pañchamaya model. A journey through the inner temple via experiential enquiry, chanting & deep practices that have a breath centric focus. The practices and lectures will support you in gaining a deeper understanding of what makes up your entire being and experience your true essence nature. Our awakening to our true nature is integral to the energy of life and instrumental to its unfolding.

Revealing wholeness is a study retreat for teachers and students alike. This 5 day non-residential experience is perfect for those who are curious to learn about the subtle aspects of yoga and the Self.

To help facilitate and integrate your understanding, you will be invited to volunteer during a workshop-style, this approach will assist you if you choose to teach this material to others.

Revealing Wholeness 

  • Full immersion: $650 AUD (or included in advanced YTT course fees) 


  • Twice daily practice and lectures {9.30 am ~ 4.30 pm}
  • Handouts and reading material
  • A simple ayurvedic lunch and snacks

How Pancamaya impacts how we teach and practice

Practising and teaching with a deep understanding and embodiment of this truth invites us to go beyond the physical body both for ourselves and our students.

We offer this opportunity through personal practice, contemplation of your deeper self. Experience how our constitution becomes more powerful the more subtle it is. This supports us in having the darśana “to see in a deeper way” how practicing and teaching energetically is the way.



More Details ~ Pancamaya

Every quality and energy that makes up a person exists within the five Pañcamayas. All the Mayas {layers} work together to create a unified being.
Pañca ~ meaning five
Maya ~ All-pervading

Module 1 


5th & 6th June

Refresh your Sanskrit

This fun module will inspire you to keep the sanskrit language alive for yourself and your students. Revise your connection to the ancient language of Yoga, the sanskrit alphabet and its unique sounds made by the 5 different mouth positions. Receive feedback on your pronunciation of postures, key words and mantras to ensure that with proper pronunciation, you are saying what you intend to say. We will also affect the heartmind through learning and practising sanskrit mantra, uplifting one another as we learn. 

Nāda Yoga

In this module, you will experience toning and projection techniques to build confidence whilst teaching, reading and chanting. As a leader you will tune into your unique voice so you can share and lead with confidence and humility. We will explore the effects and application of sound and mantra in Yoga. We will experiment with using the harmonium, learning and leading simple chants. Learn how to use singing bowls and music as a way of bringing nāda Yoga as a well thought-out layer into your yoga classes. 

Day 2 

Prānamaya ~ Physiological constitution

Pranamaya is much more subtle than our physical body; it is our energy body; life force energy moves around our bodies via channels. We can cultivate energy within our body via food and water, but it may also come into the body via our breath.


  • We can start to observe how we disburse our life force? Our breathing patterns, how can we potentiate the breath. Are we breathing optimally?
  • We will learn to observe ourselves and others in the breathing process.
  • Learn through inspiring lectures and experience through practice the 5 Maha prānas and cakras.

Day 3

Manomaya is our mental body

It is the part of us that creates meaning out of the world we inhabit, this layer takes care of our instinctual needs, passing thoughts, images, perceptions, and emotions within which we think, fantasise and daydream. Here we will shine light onto the common mental patterns as outlined in the yogic texts. If we shine a light on them and become more aware, perhaps this will assist us in freeing ourselves from them.

  • We will enquire into the contents of the mind, the qualities and workings of it and experience ways to affect it through breathing and chanting practices.
  • You will learn how to do this for an active mind, a heavy dull mind and also how to bring balance to a mind that is fairly focused. 
  • Understand how we can use Mantra practices to cross over the mind into the deeper aspects of ourselves. 

Day 4 

Day 4: Vijñanamaya ~ Personality constitution

Our wisdom body is the layer where we connect to a deeper level of intuition, greater internal wisdom and higher knowledge and purpose. It’s where you can stop identifying with your powerful thoughts and self-descriptions, and witness your mind and your life. We use practices such as mantra to affect and tune us into this deeper layer of the Self.

  • This layer is beyond the mind, and requires us to experience it directly through practice.
  • We will reflect into the contents of this layer and explore practices to support us on a practical level. 
  • We will inquire into the contents, and you’ll be guided in a Dharana practise using Nyasam, the sacred practice of placement of the focus into all layers of our being.

Day 5

Ānandanmaya ~ Essential constitution bliss layer

Is our bliss body, it is the most hidden part of us and provides us with the instinctive sense that life is worth living, that to be alive is good, it is the level where we no longer feel separate, and we are One and the Same.

Our final day we will revise and consolidate the previous days and deepen into the practices shared by our teachers so we may experience our true nature.

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About your mentor

Rachel Nokes

Principle teacher trainer / Yoga Therapist / Yoga Teacher / Psychotherapist / Ayurvedic Practitioner

Rachel has found her life’s purpose and she would love to inspire you to find yours. Over the past eleven years of teaching yoga Rachel has integrated her learning creating a methodical approach to Vinyasa Yoga inspired greatly by the Krishnamacharya lineage. This includes intelligent sequence design, the weaving of Yogic philosophy and real-life story telling along with chanting into the Yoga practice. Rachel loves how her students can choose from a range of Yoga tools so that the practice can really be made available to all students.

Rachel teaches the courses and workshops at her home studio in Bulli which she has created over the past 9 years with the loving support of her husband Michael. She leads retreats in Australia, Europe, Bali and India. Rachel also offers ongoing mentoring to teachers who have completed the Ray of light teacher training or those looking to continue their exploration of Yoga philosophy and teaching. She loves how the Yoga family is expanding and celebrates the rich diversity in the students who attend her courses.