Radiantly you - living Ayurveda with Rachel

Wednesday 6.30pm-7.45pm 24th July – 21st August 


Join Rachel as we explore and experience natural ways to increase your vitality from the inside out through Ayurveda.


Dates: Wednesdays starting 24th July

Times: 6.30pm- 7.45pm 

Investment: $275 (EB $240)

  • Includes an  manual
  • Ghee making, spices and dinner 

Please contact Rachel for an information package.If you have any questions or just for an informal chat.

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Join Rachel for this practical and engaging five-week exploration of Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda. Discover ways to increase your vitality and sense of wellbeing, from the inside out that are specific to your personality and body type. This course covers daily routines and rituals, nutritional and general lifestyle wisdom to get you feeling your vibrant best.

Week 1
An introduction to Ayurveda
Elements and Doshas
Explore your constitution in Ayurvedic terms

Week 2
Imbalanced states or vikriti
Metabolism (Agni)
Accumulation of toxins (Ama)
Balancing Agni and reducing Ama

Week 3
Food and nutrition according to Ayurveda
Cooking demonstrations
Making spice masalas

Week 4
Ayurvedic lifestyle principles to enhance your inner and outer glow
Daily routines and seasonal living

Week 5
Food as medicine
Eating for health using Ayurvedic principles
Ghee making


Massage Ayurveda Self Care
Coriander Ayurveda Herb
Tumeric Latte Ayurveda