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Join Rachel in her online studio offerings


Welcome to Ray of Light’s boutique Online Studio


Our Online Studio has been intentionally and thoughtfully curated for you in beginning the heartwarming journey of re-connecting with and exploring your often hidden or neglected inner resources.

Our studio embodies the idea that the mind and body are beautifully beneficial instruments in affirming our capacity for a deeper internal connection, intimacy and independence. Establishing a home practice is an amazing rite of passage that allows us to learn and move at our own pace, listen and respond to our body, and develop greater consistency and frequency of practice. 

Each month you’ll receive guidance on one full spectrum sequence that includes a breath centric movement practice (āsana), prānāyāma and dhāranā (focusing practice) and some Ayurvedic guidance to enhance your wellbeing. You will practice the sequence, learning it ‘off by heart’, as a means of empowering yourself and discovering the freedom, joy and equanimity that comes when we confidently look within. 

As a member of our online studio, you will receive:

  • A breath centric yoga practice that includes movement, breath technique and a meditative focus.
  • A healing chant or relevant Sūtra or similar to inspire and uplift you
  • Ayurvedic teachings and or practice to nourish your being

Our Online Studio also offers private 1:1 yoga sessions, ayurvedic consultations, counselling and teacher mentoring as a means of maintaining clarity and inner buoyancy in times of tensity, loss and change.

Membership offers – we have two options

Rachel is able to create the same bhavana, feeling, quality of experience online as she does in person.

I have been a student of Rachel over several years and completed my teacher training with her in person as well.

I have participated in her live online classes as well as her online program and one to one mentoring sessions. If you are looking to continue to go deeper into your yoga practice in safe experienced trauma informed hands, then I highly recommend Rachel’s offerings to you.

As a teacher or a practitioner having her loving guidance and wealth of knowledge to support you on your path is an invaluable resource.

Thank you Rachel.


Yoga Teacher, The Love of Yoga

I'm really enjoying Ray of Light's online course.

Rachel has designed a comprehensive course that encompasses all that Yoga has to offer. It is so much more than asana (poses). I love the integration of chanting, pranayama Sanskrit and Ayurveda. The course allows me to delve deeper into my practice of yoga. The videos and accompanying handouts are clear and can be replayed when and where it suits me in my time; this provides me with great flexibility ..haha, not only of body but mind too.

Rachel's deep knowledge, experience and love for yoga shine through, especially when she is chanting. Rachel offers so much more than a course, it is an experience.

Yoga Teacher, Wild Lime Yoga