Business with Heart Bali Retreat

November 3rd – 8th 2019

Recreating our brave new world of business, in paradise

You’re not crazy for believing that business is too hard sometimes.

Women in business are adept at being excellent and over-qualified while simultaneously never being good enough. It’s our cultural inheritance at this specific moment in history.

It’s not easy to thrive in business with your heart intact. Too often, women with heart and integrity believe that business is a compromise. That to earn excellent coin, we need to compromise our values and beliefs, act out of integrity, or pretend to be someone different. Business can be hugely tricky to navigate when your motivations are far larger than just making money.

It’s more than possible to have amazing strengths, significant experience, professional accolades, and clients who adore you, and still be at a loss about where your profit disappears to. 

So many of us women in business start with little-to-no marketing or business skills. We’re experts in our domain, but not necessarily in business. We learn fast and pick things up ‘on the trot’, but know there’s more to know, if only we could find the time for learning, and the teachers to make this easy and fun.

When we go to typical business development events, we feel patronised, misunderstood, and oh-so-alone. New age business events aren’t much better, being high on the feel-good factor and low on practical, actionable, useful advice.

We’ve had enough of seeing so many talented women in business who are lacking support, quality training and information to grow their businesses, and who are constantly working too hard for too little. That’s why we put our heads and hearts together to create Business with Heart.

 Growth happens from the inside, out

  • We believe self-development and business development go hand-in-hand.
  • We believe that business can be a force for social good.
  • We believe the best marketing is generous-spirited, community-building and values-based.
  • We believe that profit isn’t a dirty word, in fact it’s imperative if you’re to thrive.
  • We believe that there’s nothing wrong with you, but there’s definitely something wrong with a society that expects women to excel at business while being excellent care-givers, life organisers, generous friends, regular exercisers and the life of every party.
  • We believe you can have it all, just not all at the same time.
  • We believe that excellent self-care is essential for anyone who’s taken on great responsibilities.
  • We believe that stress is an epidemic and it’s time we changed the paradigm.
  • We believe that being effective means honing your skills in clarity, self-belief and creativity.

Won’t you join us? 

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Who should come

If you run a business, or are ready to launch a business, in yoga, pilates, natural medicine, alternative therapies, allied health, social enterprise, profit-for-purpose, environmental services, climate change action, advocacy and citizen action, then this is for you!

Further, if you:


  • Find marketing feels excruciating, vulnerable or dishonest.
  • Procrastinate about marketing and business development even though you know they’re necessary to achieve your business goals.
  • Feel lonely in business, with a lack of real companionship and support.
  • Are prone to extreme highs and lows in business and your profits are far from predictable and consistent.
  • Get frustrated that nobody seems to feel as strongly as you do about what’s important in life (and business).
  • Have too many great ideas that never see the light of day.
  • Don’t have time to wade through fluff and hype to find quality insights and information to help you make giant strides forward in business.
  • Are tired of not having anyone to help determine which of your ideas to pursue.
  • Need to improve your digital marketing skills.
  • Want to get more organised so you can work more efficiently and not always have to be working.
  • Feel undermined and unsupported in your business endeavours in normal networking events and courses.

Find your flow

Right now, many women are examining their place in the world, how to personally navigate inequity and inequality, and how to create meaning while pursuing an excellent livelihood, not just now, but for many years into the future. 

The overarching theme of our Business with Heart retreat is the balance of micro and macro. We will guide you through a unique process of more deeply understanding and connecting withyour natural state of high effectiveness, known as your dharma. From there, together, we’ll help you design your business to be a creative expression of this, dedicated to delivering value to others.

Being able to move through the personal to professional, from your interior world to your wider community, makes you a highly effective tool for social change. When we can better understand how to identify and connect with our inner vitality through yoga, meditation, self-inquiry and other sources of natural joy, we can be far more powerful in business.

For us, it’s a no-brainer that business, personal values and our philosophy to be of service, to create and give beyond our small family units, are intimately connected. It makes no sense to spend the majority of your working hours in a job that doesn’t bring you joy. And yes, even when we’ve started our own business doing something that we largely enjoy, too many of us tolerate less-than-ideal circumstances of despising marketing, avoiding business development, and reaping far too little profit for our substantial efforts. It doesn’t have to be like this! We’re determined to change things – for the better.

Why go on business retreat?

Business development is something we all know we ‘should’ do, but it’s easy to relegate to the too hard basket as other priorities crowd in. Going on retreat – to the paradise that is north Bali – enables you to cut your ties with your day-to-day business and the other demands of your busy life, so you can focus single-heartedly on your business.

Plus, we know that all self-employed people are solely needing more self-care! Creating this tax-deductible business retreat has been specifically designed to enable you to work self-care into your life back home.

Learning is best facilitated in idyllic locations so you can hone in on what’s most important. Come home to yourself and give your business the love and attention it needs to thrive.

Business with Heart retreat itinerary

 Our six-day retreat has been carefully designed to recreate your business from the inside out, and back again.

Each day has e a specific focus.

Day 1: Courage, safety, support, potential

Day 2: Establishment, play, self-sustaining

Day 3: Focus, productivity, flow

Day 4: Community, values

Day 5: Voice, expression, communication

Day 6: Clarity, foresight, authenticity





About your retreat guides:

Rachel Nokes & Brook McCarthy

Your two retreat guides are a wonderful complimentary mix of left-brain and right-brain thinking. 

Rachel Nokes

Rachel Nokes is a Yoga Teacher and Therapist, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Professional Counsellor who regularly leads yoga retreats in Australia, Europe, Bali and India. As founder of Ray of Light Yoga in the Illawarra region south of Sydney, Rachel weaves intelligent Vinyasa sequencing with Ayurvedic natural medicine, Yogic philosophy and chanting.

With 13 years clinical experience as a counselling therapist, therapeutic group work facilitator and trainer, and a Diploma in Counselling and group work, Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling and Cert IV in training and assessment, Rachel is highly experienced, sincere and deeply committed to helping health professionals to do their best work.

Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is a Yoga Teacher, Business Coach and Digital Marketing trainer who specialises in enabling self-employed professionals in the health and creative sectors to hone their reputation to attract their perfect-fit people. With 11 years in self-employment and 15 years’ experience in online communications, Brook runs public courses on digital marketing and business development throughout Australia.

Brook works at the intersection of the meanings we bring to work and loves to enable women to embrace their creativity, flex their courage muscles and redefine their identity as good with money and great at business. With a Bachelors in Comparative Religious Studies and a Masters in International Relations, Brook is renowned for combined emotional intelligence and insight with action-based, practical and up-to-the-minute digital marketing skills and strategies to inspire action and profit.

Won’t you join us? 

Each morning begins with yoga with Rachel in our beautiful octagonal yoga room, with stained glass windows overlooking the ocean. Using an intelligently-designed sequence that speaks to the theme of each day, while catering to a wide array of yoga experience, from beginner to experienced teacher, you’ll love Rachel’s classes!


After breakfast, we’ll convene for our marketing and business workshops by Brook. Topics include:

  • Understanding the pillars of profits and how to find the sweet spot between your skills, your values and market opportunities.
  • The new world of influence: how to use business blogging, publicity, social media and search engine optimisation to build your leadership.
  • How to use storytelling to magnetise the right people to you and build a loyal community of fans who do your marketing for you.
  • Flexing your courage muscle to make a bigger impact through meaningful marketing without inhibitions and self-consciousness.
  • Everyday creativity: how to tap into your innate creativity with scientifically-proven techniques to turn your creativity on at will.
  • Using your dosha, and the Ayurvedic season, to make better decisions in business, quickly and easily.
  • Digital nutrition: how to use technology effectively and mindfully, without becoming a slave to the screen.

As all meals and activities included, all you need to focus on is yourself and your business mission.

Days 1 and 6 are far more flexible, with pool games on the first day and lunch and shopping in Ubud on the last day. All sessions are optional, and there’s nothing wrong with sitting out a business workshop to reflect with your journal, while lying pool-side.




Location, accommodation and inclusions

 Our beautiful ocean view retreat centre Gaia-Oasis is located in north Bali. Every one of our eleven beautiful Balineses-style bungalows are located right on the seafront, with the resort stretching for one hectare along the Pacific Ocean.

Five nights’ accommodation in traditional yet lux bungalows, both single or twin share – so bring your business partner or best business buddy for additional accountability!

The eco resort is approximately 90 minutes for Ubud or three hours from Seminyak. Support local Balinese culture with your stay – this is locally-owned, not a big multinational resort company.

We will be spoilt with delicious fresh, local, organic where possible cuisine, with all dietary restrictions catered for.

Enjoy your down-time napping on bright green lawns listening the serenity of the Pacific Ocean waves, or enjoy a Bing Tang beer in the expansive open air restaurant or by the salt water pool.

Also included are one massage per guest in our on-site spa (with the option to purchase more massages, of course!), a sunrise boat trip for dolphin spotting and our special Balinese cleansing ceremony at the local sacred place where the mountain stream meets the ocean.


November 3rd – 8th 2019

Cost: $2225

Early bird $1995

when paid in fully by 1st August

  • 5 days’ accommodation.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Twice daily yoga, meditation and relaxations classes (7 total).
  • Marketing and business development workshops (8 total).
  • All meals, including seafood in our open-air restaurant overlooking the ocean.
  • Sunrise boat trip.
  • Balinese cleansing ceremony.

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Our gorgeous retreat space in Bali

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Dates: 3rd November - 8th November 2019

Investment: $2225 - Early bird $1995 if paid in fully by 1st August 2019 

  • 5 days’ accommodation.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Twice daily yoga, meditation and relaxations classes (7 total).
  • Marketing and business development workshops (8 total).
  • All meals, including seafood in our open-air restaurant overlooking the ocean.
  • Sunrise boat trip.
  • Balinese cleansing ceremony.