Gurus and Lineage


Discover the lineage of teachers that have taught and inspired Rachel throughout her yoga journey
Rachel Nokes and her teacher

Dr. Nc – Yoga Therapy

Dr.N. Chandrasekaran, MBBS has been an active practitioner of allopathic medicine for the last 28 years. A deep interest in Vedanta brought him to yoga and he has been a yoga teacher and therapist for over 18 years. He has provided private consultation and designed individual therapy courses for more than 10,000 people covering a whole range of health problems.

His experience in allopathic medicine, together with his passion for the healing process of yoga helped him create a powerful form of therapeutic yoga. His yoga therapy is truly holistic, blending modern Western medical system with the time-tested Eastern heritage. Through his mastery of this powerful combination he has the rare privilege of being acknowledged as an authority in yoga therapy by many senior yoga therapists all over the world.

He has travelled extensively, and conducts seminars and continuous education programmes for senior teachers all over the world.

Rachels teacher, Katie Manitsas

Katie Manitsas – Advanced Jivamukti Teacher

Katie is a yoga teacher, writer, activist and doula. She was the director of Jivamukti Yoga Sydney (formerly Samadhi Yoga) for many years and was the first certified Advanced Jivamukti Yoga teacher in Australia. She has also studied extensively with the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda under the guidance of Mother Maya and is a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Katie is a writer for various publications and has had three books published ‘Spiritual Survival and the City’, ‘Yoga Off the Mat’ and ‘The Yoga of Birth’. Katie is the mother of four young boys and lives in Sydney’s Inner West.

Sri Krishnamacharya Dr. NC's teacher

Sri Krishnamacharya

Sri Krishnamacharya is Dr. NC’s guru and to many of the teachers that have that were fundamental to the beginnings of yoga in the West.

Sharon & David Gannon yoga teachers

Sharon & David Gannon

Sharon and David are Katie’s teachers and founders of Jivamukti Yoga. Rachel has attended two immersions led by Sharon & David.

Swami Sivananda traditional teacher

Swami Sivananda

Sivananda Ashram is where Rachel first studied yoga more seriously on her first trip to India in 2006. It was here her love affair with India began.