Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Wollongong and Bali

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

This immersive advanced Yoga teacher training will deepen your connection to Yogic wisdom. 

Expand your personal practice and hone your skills as a Yoga teacher so you can share authentically and inspire your students from your heart.

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Yoga Teacher Training Stretch
Yoga Teacher Training Stretch

About our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program

Svadhaya + Authenticity

This Yoga training is for you if you are seeking to align with your highest potential and wish to share and inspire your students from an authentic space.  You’ll be guided in an intimate, safe and supportive environment where creativity, professionalism and leadership are nourished. Sharing from the theory of sadhana you will be bringing the tools and techniques of Yoga and Ayurveda into your every life, to sustain and nourish you day to day. Strengthen your faith and commitment by learning practical ways to harness your authenticity, maintaining purity in the face of yoga trends and fads, whilst creating a sustainable income doing something you not only are passionate about but are actually brilliant at.

A multidimensional journey

Why choose me to guide you through this journey? I’ve been spending years practicing and living this method and I’m really looking forward to sharing this multidimensional journey of discovery and fulfillment with you. I’ve curated this course to include only the most effective teachings and techniques that I have been blessed to receive and experience over my twenty years of practice. Along with my personal practice, I have over a decade of experience teaching yoga on trainings, international retreats, courses and workshops, plus working one to one with students is my specialty.


Leadership + Facilitation

As a leader you will tune into your unique voice so you can share and lead with confidence and humility. You will gain the skills to confidently achieve these goals as well as guide your students to live in harmony. You will hone your skills in building community; gain confidence in your role as a facilitator; grow your leadership skills, allowing you to develop excellent courses, retreats and offerings all whilst expressing your unique vision. During our five-night study retreat in North Bali your experienced hosts will guide your learning, sharing with you the structure and intricacies of hosting retreats.

You’ll receive coaching and practical experience to hone your facilitation skills so that you feel confident to hold space for others. To do so requires that you also experience being held. During our time together, you’ll spend precious time in circle with others, providing opportunities for growth and reflection. As we walk the path together inviting curiosity around our limiting beliefs we at the same time celebrate the brilliance of who we already are.

Dharma – The courage to be seen and shine

The ancient teachings offer us an incredibly powerful map to understand our internal landscape. Through the study of the ancient texts we can empower ourselves to manifest our full potential (dharma). At Ray Of Light you will hear and be inspired to learn and share in a modern and uplifting way. We value diversity, life as the great teacher and we embody trauma-informed principles in order to create a safe space for your transformation.

Ayurveda offers us rituals for living a beautiful life, in tune with your natural rhythms and embracing the cycles in planning your life and offerings. Developing a practice for longevity (sadhana) in your teaching career is essential to your wellbeing.


Brahmacarya + Sustainable teaching

What life lessons do you bring to your yoga? What did you do for work before retraining in yoga? We believe that everyone brings with them unique and important gifts and experiences which can be integrated and drawn upon in your yoga work. Doing so adds richness, professionalism and increased income potential. Learn how to do this and why it is essential for your longevity.

This is a time when women more than ever are running their own self-employed businesses. Ray Of Light will have you harness your business self, live your highest potential by ensuring you do what you love when you go to work. Together we will explore how the ancient techniques can ensure you harness your intention, directing your energy and focus to become a 21st Century ‘Girlboss’. Dream big and have your ideas come to fruition through program development and teaching one to one.

Advanced YTT modules – Now available for enrollment

Module 1

AUGUST 10th & 11th

Deepening into practice and teaching

Discover and refresh your understanding of the theory and practice of yogic techniques from classical Yoga.

Substantial emphasis will be given to both the theory and guided practice within the Krishnamacharya lineage, in which we learn the application and function of these tools. In other words, we will ask what it is we do in Yoga and why we do it that way, prioritising function over form.

The word Vinyasa means – intelligent placement here you will learn the specifics of placing the body, breath & attention in an intelligent sequence.

  • Principles of vinyasa movement with breath
  • Vinyasa Krama the intelligent placement of postures towards a chosen goal.
  • Principles and the Vinyasa of Pranayama
  • Bandha as an extension of pranayama.
  • Vinyasa of Dharana (meditation)
  • Vinyasa of mantra

Module 2

SEPTEMBER 14th & 15th

Teaching beyond the class format

This playful and creative module provides guided processes for you to dive deeply into new ideas, expand the scope of your teaching, and imagine the possibilities of your Yoga offerings beyond the class format. Previous graduates emerged from this module with richly informed plans for diverse initiatives including retreats; community service programs; international Yoga tours, and specialised workshops – among others. Expect to both expand and refine your understanding of all the ways that you are the ideal person to offer your own particular gifts and experiences through Yoga, and clarify all the ways in which you are more ready than you may realise to grow beyond the class format, should you choose to.


Facilitation skills

Exceptional teaching is more than the capacity to instruct or transfer knowledge. Learn how to understand and craft experiences for groups that support participants to feel safe, connect with a sense of belonging in the group, and integrate learning through diverse embodied processes. Refine the art of opening circles, closing processes, and grow your confidence in facilitating the heart of what it is you feel called to share.



With such a diversity of Yoga students attending classes, each of us will face countless layers of ethical dilemmas across our lifetime as a Yoga teacher. This module is designed to provide the space for a rich and intimate enquiry into your own ethics as a teacher, and how they interact with the ethics of the whole. The module is designed to equip you with skills for ongoing ethical enquiry that will support your future practice as a refined and high quality Yoga teacher. The module offers a chance to dive deep into the ethics of teaching Yoga in our everyday direct practices and interactions. We also look beyond the everyday to the industry surrounding Yoga – including business; global yoga issues; cultural appropriation, and maintaining authenticity in the midst of the international Yoga boom.


Introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Based on the extensive research studies conducted at the renowned Trauma Centre in the Massachusetts, this module presents an introductory level exploration of the Yoga method known as Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY). The module covers:

  • An introduction toTrauma theory
  • The four key principles of the Trauma
  • Sensitive Yoga approach.
  • How yoga can be adapted in specific contexts to support trauma sensitive principles.
  • A suite of simple teaching principles and practices that can be integrated into daily life, group Yoga classes, and 1:1 Yoga sessions.

Module 3

OCTOBER 12th & 13th

The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali as the mirror

Through a process of self-inquiry we will explore the Yoga Sutras as a mirror to our minds. We will reflect on questions such as; How can I define the even state of mind that I crave? What interrupts my mental clarity? What is the cause of these disturbances? What methods lead me towards the state of Yoga? These questions and more will be addressed in our study of the sutras.

Refresh your Sanskrit

This fun module will inspire you to keep the sanskrit language alive for yourself and your students. Revise your connection to the ancient language of Yoga, the sanskrit alphabet and its unique sounds made by the 5 different mouth positions. Receive feedback on your pronunciation of postures, key words and mantras to ensure that with proper pronunciation, you are saying what you intend to say. We will also affect the heartmind through learning and practising sanskrit mantra, uplifting one another as we learn.


Nāda Yoga

In this module, you will experience toning and projection techniques to build confidence whilst teaching, reading and chanting. As a leader you will tune into your unique voice so you can share and lead with confidence and humility. We will explore the effects and application of sound and mantra in Yoga. We will experiment with using the harmonium, learning and leading simple chants. Learn how to use sound bowls and music as a way of bringing nāda Yoga as a well thought-out layer into the yoga practice.

Module 4

DECEMBER 7th & 8th

Ayurvedic living

Learn more about Yoga’s sister science and philosophy (Ayur – Life, Veda – wisdom). You will experience and study self-care practices, nutrition and seasonal lifestyle modifications empowering you and your students to live in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Learn how to use the model of the elements and Doshas to support your students seasonally and for their constitution. These skills are also key to maintaining balance in your own life and for sustaining a rich and rewarding teaching career.

The Bhagavad Gītā

 This module delves into the yogic wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, and unpacks the paths to a state of Yoga; as taught by Krishna in this epic text. Discover new ways to understand and teach from this timeless classic text in a way that is relatable to your career in Yoga. If you haven’t already found your unique way to share Yoga in the world, study of this text will guide you to find your unique purpose or dharma. We will also learn the significance of several key concepts; artha, moksha and kama.


Living your yoga

Explore your personal Sadhana and sustaining your personal practice. You’ll be supported to engage with and stay inspired by your daily self-practice, the cornerstone of your teaching.

The Art of teaching yoga 1:1

5 night retreat in North Bali 

 Add a therapeutic, individualistic approach into your teaching.

10th-15th November

Together we will explore the theory and practice of applying and teaching the tools of yoga and Ayurveda to support the individual. Private yoga sessions can add a new dimension to your offerings as a teacher. We are committed to assisting you to build confidence and skills in this area. 

  • Observation skills – assessment of joints, spine, mind and breathing patterns.
  • Consultation and counselling skills to create space for healing
  • Sequence design and course planning for the individual
  • Working with injuries and ailments therapeutically
  • The Pancha maya model seeing the student as a whole
  • Valuing function over form how to design practices for the energetic system
  • Doshas & Guna theory to understand the physical and mental constitution of your students.
  • Case studies – workshop style to help you integrate and apply what you are learning you can bring any current students details for us to learn from. 
Cost $1795

Early Bird $1595 Expires 1 September 2019

Payment plan

– 4 easy payments of $450 (must be paid in full by 10th October


Blissful 5 night Bali retreat at a stunning eco beach resort

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Practice
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Manual
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Ayurveda Meal

Trainee Testimonials

I feel that my understanding of yoga has deepened further than I could have anticipated. My ability to deal with every day life and the challenges it imposes, has been strengthened in the short time since I began this course through my deeper understanding of yoga and its application in the every day world. My physical practice is also getting stronger – as is the flow on effect my study has had on other members of my family. I could not have anticipated the new ideas and experiences that have come my way since starting the teacher training course.

Denise Martin

Teacher Trainee

Ray of light Bulli offers a nurturing and caring environment to study yoga teacher training. Rachel has so much wisdom and knowledge to share from yoga philosophy and she offers a course that provides you with a wide range of skills to take you on your yoga journey. These include trauma yoga, kids and teen yoga, pregnancy yoga, sankrit language skills and much much more! I loved the course so much that I am continuing further studies with her this year to delve deeper into yoga and its wisdom

Tegan Barnett

Teacher Trainee

About your mentors

Rachel Nokes

Principle teacher trainer / Yoga Therapist / Yoga Teacher / Psychotherapist / Ayurvedic Practitioner

Rachel has found her life’s purpose and she would love to inspire you to find yours. Over the past eleven years of teaching yoga Rachel has integrated her learning creating a methodical approach to Vinyasa Yoga inspired greatly by the Krishnamacharya lineage. This includes intelligent sequence design, the weaving of Yogic philosophy and real-life story telling along with chanting into the Yoga practice. Rachel loves how her students can choose from a range of Yoga tools so that the practice can really be made available to all students.

Rachel teaches the courses and workshops at her home studio in Bulli which she has created over the past 9 years with the loving support of her husband Michael. She leads retreats in Australia, Europe, Bali and India. Rachel also offers ongoing mentoring to teachers who have completed the Ray of light teacher training or those looking to continue their exploration of Yoga philosophy and teaching. She loves how the Yoga family is expanding and celebrates the rich diversity in the students who attend her courses.

Sarah Ball

Social worker, Yoga teacher, facilitator, trainer 

Sarah Ball has been teaching yoga for 15 years and practising for over 20 years. She is the founder of Body Love Yoga Australia, and is also an eating disorder and body image counsellor, trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, course developer with Off The Mat Into The World Australia, and lover of raspberries. Sarah travels regularly to teach, and spent much of 2013 coordinating a non-profit yoga studio in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is currently completing a master of social work.

Having completed three yoga teacher trainings in diverse traditions, as well as extensive training in social justice, mental health and counselling, Sarah brings a broad range of perspectives to her work on yoga teacher trainings. Sarah specialises in facilitating rich discussions that challenge our assumptions about our role as yoga teachers, expand our awareness of the applications of yoga in diverse contexts, and refine our capacity to facilitate change on both the personal and social level. Learn more at her website. 

Christiane Purcell-Wells

Yoga therapist & Physiotherapist 

Christiane began practicing Yoga in the early 2000s to manage back pain. She has spent the years since studying mainly in the lineage of Krisnamacarya with senior students of T.K.V. Desikachar. She has diverse teaching experience including serving as a member of the Faculty at Yoga Therapy Australia teaching under the guidance of Dr N.C. and Saraswathi Vasudevan.

She has a particular interest in Yoga Therapy, Yoga Philosophy and Ayurveda. Christiane is also a qualified Physiotherapist and is grateful to be able to integrate a Western understanding of the physical body with the holistic and spiritual teachings of Yoga for the highest benefit of each individual.

Her classes are inspired by her love of classical vinyasa and incorporate postures with breathing techniques, chanting, philosophy and meditation with the aim of integrating body and mind to experience the highest effect of Yoga and to encourage and empower students on their own personal journey of transformation.


This advanced Yoga teacher training program is run from our boutique rainforest studio, set in the Bulli escarpment.

We are located an hour south of Sydney and 20 minutes north of Wollongong.The area boasts plentiful accommodation options and we welcome students from near and far.

Students are invited to continue in a mentoring program following completion of the advanced Yoga teacher training for ongoing support and continued professional development.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Sessions

Did you know Rachel offers highly customised, one-on-one Yoga teacher mentoring sessions to new and evolving teachers? Discover how you can refine your skills and potently share your passion today!

Weekend Sample Schedule

6.30am – 8am Morning practice

8am – 9am Ayurvedic breakfast

9am – 11am Session 1

11.00 -11.15am Morning tea

11.15am – 1pm Session 2

1pm -2pm Ayurvedic lunch

2pm – 3.30pm Session 3

3.30pm 3.45pm Afternoon tea

3.45pm – 5.30pm Session 4

2019 Dates

2019 Weekend dates

10th & 11th August

14th & 15th September

12th & 13th, October

10th – 15th November Bali retreat

7th & 8th December



  •  150 hours of face to face training with experienced mentors.
  • Your personal Ayurvedic chef prepares seasonal breakfast, lunch and snacks during weekends.
  • A 5-night retreat at Gaia Oasis beach resort an eco retreat in North Bali. This includes all meals and accommodation. (Limited single + twin share)
  • Home study and practice guidelines
  • 2 text books + reading list 
  • Online support between weekends
  • 3 x mentoring sessions with Rachel
  • Welcome goodie bag with ayurvedic supplies

4 x weekend modules + 5 night Blissful Bali retreat

Cost $4995  

Payment plan option $500 deposit + 9 monthly payments of $499

Note: Flights and transfers in Bali are not included.


Weekend Module option

 $895 per weekend – this includes all the weekend of classes and ayurvedic meals, plus a manual. Additional text books are not included and will be advised on enrolment. 




  1. Fill in and submit the online application form (or download and send completed form to
  2. You will be notified within 10 days of your acceptance. If you dont’ hear from us it means we haven’t recieved your application so please call 0414 585 688.
  3. Pay $500 non refundable deposit once you’ve been accepted onto the course.
  4. We offer a 30 minute complimentary phone session with Rachel to discuss your application and questions regarding the course content etc.
  5. 2019 – Applications open


You will receive a certificate and hours recognised through Yoga Alliance. We are currently in the process of getting this advanced Yoga teacher training accredited with Yoga Australia.

  • A YACEP® or a qualified provider who meets the following criteria:

    • is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT®) currently registered with Yoga Alliance, or
    • has a relevant degree or certification, and/or substantial education in an area of expertise related to
      one of the YA Educational Categories, combined with substantial teaching and/or professional experience in that area.

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