Chronic pain can be such an isolating experience that can cause suffering, also known as dukkha, and lead to closing the heart space.

Daily ongoing pain takes energy or prana away from being able to socially connect with others as pain can activate the nervous system where the core focus is to rid yourself of pain with little room for anything else.  

One of the powerful things about the Yoga Therapy for Pain Management course has been witnessing the community or sangha, that developed over the 5 week course. To watch the participants experience the freedom to talk about their pain with others who ‘get it’ was moving as it brought a sense of connection and belonging to those in the group.  

We are blessed to be able to continue to offer this safe space at Ray of Light Yoga for those living with chronic pain that would like to connect and develop a tool kit of strategies to manage their pain and suffering

5 week course commences

Monday 22nd July