Coming Home

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Ray of Light Yoga | 0 comments

After a long trip away there’s something special about coming home the sense of ease and relaxation that washes over me when I drive down Bulli pass seeing the brilliant view to the beaches sprawling below. It’s an interesting reflection having just spent loving times with family in the stunning British countryside where i grew up (home). Shouldn’t I feel more at home in the rolling Chiltern Hills?
I’ve heard stories from Uncle Bob Randal an Indigenous writer and actor that the land is intimately intertwined with the soul. This reminds me of what my mum told me as we walked along the river Misbourne to Shardeloes lake “this land is part of me and I’m part of it.” All of this got me thinking and I looked up the definition in the dictionary.

Home; place where one lives; institution for the care of the elderly, orphans etc. of one’s birthplace, or native country.

Personally I prefer this one!

“Home is where a thought or feeling can be sustained instead of being interrupted or torn away from us because something is demanding our time and attention.. Home is a sustained mood or sense that allows us to experience feelings not necessarily sustained in the mundane world: wonder, vision, peace…. There is time to not only contemplate, but also learn, and uncover the forgotten, the disused, and the buried. – Clarrissa Pinkola-Estes, Ph.D

Try this as you breathe today…. Home is in the breath…… to breathe in the fullness of life, to breath out any constrictions, limitations, judgements. To inhale the beauty of the present moment, this sacred moment. To exhale tension, rigidity and holding ….. Inhale lightness into those parts of you that you have neglected, ignored, shut away and to exhale those things you’ve taken on that aren’t even yours !

” We meditate to come home… so many of us have a feeling of inner homelessness” Dr Rick Hanson Neuropsychologist and researcher

Home where ever we are physically our yoga practice invites us to develop a feeling of connectedness, integration, warmth and ease. We are constantly in a flux of leaving and returning. We leave and yearn to return to our inner home it is both the beginning and the end.. the infinite…

“Our practice is to find our true home. When we breathe, we breathe in such a way that we can find our true home. When we make a step, we make a step in such a way that we touch our true home with our feet.” Thich Nhat Hahn

In my practice I find postures like child’s pose or any postures where I turn my palms to the sky invites a sacredness bringing me back.