Have you been feeling sluggish, tired, slower, or just weighed down by the hot/humid weather? These feelings are pretty common this time of year if you live in the southern hemisphere or most of the year if you live close to the equator. Appetite, digestion and mood are all affected by dampness in the environment as well as the state of gut health, so here’s is some tips of lightening up with a little Autumn Cleanse (Spring and Autumn are great times to do this according to Oriental Medicine and Naturopathic principles). If you are also feeling extremely fatigued or dizzy or are pregnant or have a health condition, then please do this detox in conjunction with your health practitioner or just do the elimination part.

Start by removing the following from your diet: (even just doing this for a week will do wonders however putting good nutrition back in will help your Liver & other organs to rejuvenate!)

  • gluten
  • dairy
  • processed foods excess sugar (lollies, chocolate, ice-cream, sugary yoghurt)
  • processed meats
  • coffee
  • alcohol

As a result, you can feel more energized and even happier! As well as losing weight if that is what your body needs to do.

A cleanse works because it removes toxins from your body so you can properly digest real food and get the nutrients you need, use the function amount of energy to digest food, and even save energy normally used to break down yucky, processed food so you have more to utilize on healing and rejuvenation.
Simply by eliminating the above-mentioned foods, you’re removing many common allergens from your diet. Although not everyone has a sensitivity to all of those things, you won’t know until you’ve removed it for a little while! When you re-introduce these things back in, take note of how they make you feel. Eat foods that you suspect are not great for you on their own so you will know if it’s working for you or not.

And even if you’re not sensitive to something like gluten, if you avoid it, you’ll probably eat less bread and less packaged food. Avoiding dairy will cut out the tremendous amount of cheese most people eat. You’ll start filling your day with veggies and fruits that provide actual nutrition and don’t fill your body with empty calories.
While you’ll almost certainly lose weight, this isn’t about starving yourself by any means. There’s still plenty of food you can eat that will fill you up and be so much better than the usual Standard Acidic, Low-nutrition diet fare.

Some tasty suggestions to mix things up :

  • Tempeh (tasty non-meat soybean based) lightly fried in coconut oil add Tamari (Wheat-free soy sauce) on top once golden and stirfried veges with onion or spring onions, Add Fennel seeds and ginger fresh thin-sliced or powder (as both good for digestion)
  • Salads with roast veges,
  • Adding pine nuts to stirfrys or pasta dishes (tomato base with little bit raw sugar to sweeten and round tomato acidity, sea salt and pepper with grated veges like carrot, zucchini, small bit broccoli and let simmer for 10-15 mins)
  • Homemade dressings made with olive oil, lemon juice/apple cider vinegar, pinch sea or himalayan salt (can add a tiny amount Cayenne pepper if want to spice it up as Cayenne a good spice for circulation, nice to add a pinch on top of anything you like especially eggs!)
  • Use Real Maple syrup, rapadura sugar or raw sugar instead of white sugar in tea, cooking etc
  • Use good brand of stock to add flavour like Massell Vege or chicken-style Stock in powder or cubes (as no added colouring, chemicals, stabilisers etc) when cooking your own pasta sauces or stir frys instead of bottled sauces
  • Snacks if need but ideal to give your digestive system a break for at least 3-4 hrs. Apples with Almond/macadamia butter, celery with hommus (check is dairy-free and free of preservatives) Rice cakes with avocado, tomato, hommus, grated carrot, lettuce, grated beetroot or zucchini with Sea salt and fresh-ground pepper
  • Smoothies with Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries (frozen if not in season), banana, then add some water or coconut water/almond milk/rice milk, plant protein powder, baby spinach leaves, kale leaves, super-green powders like chlorella, weatgrass, spiralina, barley grass, 1/2 tsp maca, hemp seed/coconut oil
  • Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) cook it just like rice for 10-15 mins then turn heat off and let stand 5 mins with lid on to complete cooking until little ‘tails’ appear on the quinoa.
  • Make your own Stir fry recipe – with any veggies using onion/spring onions/garlic as the base cooked in coconut oil or olive oil for 5 mins or until onion transluscent or then add fennel seeds, fresh ginger or ginger powder. If want more flavour and children ok with cumin powder, coriander powder, mustard seeds can also be added at this time) let cook for another 10 mins while you steam some broccoli and sweet potato for 7-8 mins add into the pan with onion mixture
    with sliced thin carrot, zucchini cook another 5 mins add some water or coconut milk.
    Fresh veggie and fruit juices like kale, green apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, carrot, and ginger, beetroot and lemon juice, make a big jug and put in glass bottles will keep in fridge for 3 days.
  • Doing a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day detox when you have some time to relax a little (not working a lot or stressed out!) can help the body to heal and rejuvenate and re-balance….give it a go and you’ll be surprised how good you feel! Talk to me about this if interested for more info and best time to do.

If you want to fully do the detox version of this diet, simply make your breakfast and dinner a liquid meal (smoothie, juice, or liquid soup). This gives your body a break for the 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. By removing the heaviness from your meals, your digestive system gets to take a little break and the nutrients from the liquid meal are delivered straight to your system.

Your body can then use the extra energy to remove those toxins which have built up over time. If you do this for at least three days (or 1 day is good start though) you’ll rid the body of some of its toxic load and start to be able to better absorb the nutrients from your healthy diet.

Fibre and hydration following this is important to continue to help support the liver with its toxin elimination, so add a ½ tsp of psyllium husk to your smoothies and keep up with at least two litres of filtered water and vege juices and herbal teas in the two days following a detox.

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