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Traditional Ayurvedic therapies and luxurious spa treatments to nurture your body and soul. Our philosophy is if you can't eat it don't put it on your skin. We use OmVeda skin and hair care products which are organic and 100% Australian owned. Master beautician Rebecca Blackman specialises in Ayurvedic facials, applying only the best herbal skin care. Our boutique clinic offers you individualised treatment focused on balancing your constitution using Ayurvedic principles. Set in the luscious rainforest we see one client at a time, no phones, or interruptions just us caring and nurturing you.

OmVeda Mango Thermal Facial (95 minutes $175)

A richly moisturising treatment combining an exotic combination of herbs custom blended with fresh cucumber, carrots and potato to nourish the skin. Rich in natural enzymes which soften the skin, this is excellent for dry, pigmented skin and helps improve elasticity.

The mango mask is infused by a thermal mask which helps to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines. A sensory and rejuvenation facial massage is incorporated to create a truly unique experience.

OmVeda Skin Rejuvenator Facial (90 minutes $165)

This soothing and hydrating facial ritual is for skin which bears signs of pigmentation, scarring, dullness, uneven complexion and premature signs of ageing. It first stimulates and exfoliates the skin using selected herbs and oils, leaving your skin fresh and clear.

An Ayurvedic herb mask comes next with natural yoghurt  to hydrate, plump and refine your skin. Hands, feet, face and scalp are treated with Omveda signature Marma point massage, releasing stress and tension from your body. You will emerge from this ritual feeling relaxed, nourished and nurtured.


OmVeda eye treatment (30 mins $55)

Enjoy this OmVeda eye ritual as an addition to your treatment or simply on its own. This is a journey through the beautiful the aromas of India. Be begin the journey by cleansing the eyes, an application of seaweed gel to reduce any darkness and follow with eye cream, custom mixed with saffron oil. The marma points around the eyes are massaged, releasing stress & tension.

Senses are heightened as a mango mask is applied around the eyes, nourishing the skin reducing fine lines. The scalp is then massaged for 10mins followed by OmVeda eye cream nourishing the windows of your soul.

OmVeda Cucumber Facial (60 mins $100)

This refreshing anti-inflammatory facial ritual for all skin types soothes, tightens, cools, softens and heals the skin. We start with an aloe cleanser, rose toner and a gentle walnut scrub. Saffron oil is then massaged into the face and décolletage to restore the natural glow complementing the Om Veda signature facial marma point massage.

The skin is gently toned with silver leaf, seaweed gel is applied to the eye area and freshly cut cucumber slices are placed over the eyes to reduce any puffiness or dark circles. A refreshing cucumber mask is applied to the skin to relieve tired or stressed skin. Marma point massage for either the hands or feet is offered, with a lustrous application of turmeric cream.

India head massage ritual (60 minutes $80)

This healing ritual commences with a soothing marma point massage using saffron oil on the face, neck and shoulders – nourishing the skin and inducing relaxation. Warm Brahmi oil is then streamed through the hair from the top of the scalp, preparing you for a soothing scalp massage to promote holistic relaxation. Excess oil is absorbed by our lovely Hibiscus dry shampoo.

For an invigorating finish, OmVeda Hair Tonic (formulated with triphala, mint and musk root) is sprayed onto the scalp and massaged from the scalp through to the ends of the hair. This whole treatment deeply repairs split ends, nourishes rough or brittle hair and calms scalp irritation and inflammation.

Express options of heands and feet (60 minutes $120)

Express pedicure 30 mins $45

Express manicure – 30 mins $30

OmVeda express facial (45 mins - $90)

Indulge the whole body and invite the senses with the blend of finely crushed ayurvedic herbs, neem, turmeric and rose powder blended with natural yoghurt, applied to the body for 20 mins and removed with a warm shower. This traditional body mask has been used in India for detoxifying and rejuvenating the body resulting in smoother, softer skin.

Beauty maintaince & waxing

Eyebrow wax $28

Eyelash tint $30

Eyebrow tint $15

Bikini Wax $25

Brazillian $70 maintaince $50

1/2 leg wax $35

3/4 leg wax $45

Full leg wax $65

Underarm wax $18

*Note we use cruetly free products



Shirodhara Ritual (60min for $110 or 3 sessions for $300)

Shirodhara `shiro’ meaning head and `dhara’ meaning flow, is one of India’s traditional Ayurvedic treatments. It is traditionally recommended as a complete package, in order to experience the profound purification of this unique medical treatment. After relaxing with an Indian scalp massage, experience the rhythmic flow of medicated oil streaming onto the third eye between the brow and flowing down into the scalp though the hair. The treatment ends with a traditional ayurvedic foot soak using juniper, rosemary & lavender essential oils to leave you feeling clear and relaxed.

Daily or weekly treatments of shirodhara are often prescribed to relax the body, overcome stress and its ill effects on the nervous system. It can relieve insomnia, fatigue, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches and hair or scalp problems caused by stress. The treatment stimulates cognitive memories and has a rejuvenating effect on the entire face – softening worry lines.

Ray of light Ayurvedic Ritual Room Etiquette

Arriving late to your treatment will limit the time of your treatment.
We require 48 hours notice where possible.
A late cancellation may result in 50% of your treatment booking being charged.

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