Ray of Light Advanced Teacher Training Registration Form

This 150 hour level 2 teacher training will help you find the truth in your practice and share authentically from the heart.
Please indicate quantity including if use is daily and how long you have been using a particular substance for. NB: There is no discrimination implied, all questions are confidential and aid our overall health assessment.
Please specify the amount of hours for each, so it is clear what format you are most familiar with.
(Max 200 words)
(Max 200 words)
Example class plan can be written in this space or emailed to info@rayoflightyoga.com
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The answers to your questions are confidential and are to help us gauge your readiness for this course, and assist you in your journey.

Please note that completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee you a place on the course. You will be notified of your acceptance.

Once you are accepted onto the course, you will be required to sign a disclaimer form, and pay your non-refundable deposit. On receipt of your deposit your place will be secured.



A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due upon acceptance of your enrolment following a review of your application.