India Retreat 2018

Journey to the heart of yoga and immerse yourself in Mother India

January 8th – 22nd


Dive deep into the ancient teachings of Yoga and experience the gifts of Mother India

Picture this: You start your 2018 in a temple town getting up at sunrise. It’s balmy, warm weather. You roll your mat out on the roof top and salute the sun as the dawn breaks. you walk to a local cafe and sip chai between puja’s (ancient sacred rituals) in the vibrant towns with all of the life, hustle and bustle passing you by.

You climb a mountain in the vibrant green patch work hills of Kerala, breathing in the fresh mountain air, a beautiful contrast to the noise and busyness of the the city experience. You have time to meditate, reflect and rest.

Too busy to arrange your dream trip? 

I remember my first time I visited India – it’s not an overstatement to say it was life-changing. But it was also chaotic and a bit of a struggle, which led me to design the perfect tour of Southern India and the desire to share this with a group of like-minded kin. This is our forth tour in Southern India, which just gets better everytime.


We will take care of all the travel details once you arrive in India, all meals are included on this transformative trip, all travel in India including an internal flight are managed by us.

We’ve taken the effort out of the trip for you!  We hope you will join us on this trip of a life time to start your 2018 like never before?


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Indian retreat temple
India yoga retreat
Trip Highlights
  • Four nights in a relaxed ashram. See ancient Vedic rituals that Westerners don’t usually get to experience. Visit the local school and other programs created by this community including waste management and reforesting.
  • Both self and group practices with spectacular views from rooftops at sunrise or sunset.
  • Rachel will share her shopping gems with you, and assist you to purchase culturally appropriate clothing and gifts.
  • Two nights in Pondicherry where we can enjoy some French inspired cafes and boutiques and a visit to Auroville a spiritual community created by Shri Aurobino and his student The Mother.
  • The delicious South Indian thali is legendary and consists of a large plate with approximately seven small dishes. Served with freshly made chapatti or naan bread and chutney – you will definitely not go hungry.
  • Kerala’s tea hills make up a beautiful patchwork landscape. A dawn trek to see an incredible sunrise from the top of a mountain.
  • Finally, end your journey with a 2 night stay in historical town Forte Kochin. Ease yourself back into life gently, before we start our journey home.
vegetarian food
India yoga retreat

8th – 11th January: 

Arrival at Chennai airport on Monday 8th January (or a recommended hotel if you decide to arrive a day early). You will be collected by private bus and driven to Vellore a temple town approximately 3 hours where you will stay for the first 4 nights. You will be required to wear culturally appropriate traditional Indian dress which we will assist you in purchasing. This is the perfect opportunity to experience wearing a Sari.

Activities Include

  • Temple visits
  • Attending twice daily Puja 
(vedic ceremonies in the temple)
  • Tour of the projects created by Amma including a school, recycling and reforestation projects.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Hinduism and the rituals that go along with Bhakti Yoga.
  • Yoga sessions on the rooftop both led and self practice.
  • All meals and simple ashram style accommodation are provided

12th January -14th January: 

We depart the ashram and head off to Pondicherry (one of Rach’s favourite places in South India). It is a historical town that was once owned by the French with great shopping, cafes and a promenade to wonder along.

Activities include

  • Visiting Auroville a spiritual community
  • Café culture
  • Wondering the streets of the “White city”

15th January: 

Drive to Chennai where we spend one night. Rachel has spent lots of time in Chennai and will show you her most favourite haunts. Including a fantastic temple, shops to purchase deities and sacred text.

16th January – 20th January:

 We fly out to Kochin and drive up to Munnar the beautiful tea hills in Kerala. The fresh mountain air is a relief after the intensity of the city. It’s truly a tranquil time, amazing home cooked food and very comfortable accommodation making this part of the trip soothing on the senses.

Activities include

  • Regular classes in the beautiful yoga shala
  • Trekking in the tea hills
  • Time to rest and reflect
  • Visit the tea museum and purchase some gifts of home

20th January – 23rd January: 

We drive down from the mountains to Forte Kochin a historic town with an old harbour, a great tourist spot for shopping and chilling out in cafes. This will ground us before we head onward home or beyond.


  • Relaxing by the pool
  • Shopping
  • Exploring cafes and restaurants
  • Transport and transfers in India
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Airport hotel transfers
(If arriving on 16/01 and departing31/01)
  • Private air conditioned bus for travel
  • 1 x internal flight (Chennai to Kochin)
  • Twin share accommodation
  • Group yoga classes
  • A sunrise trek in the tea hills
  • Visit to the tea museum
  • Travel to India – arrival at Chennai airport/ depart from Kochi airport
  • Travel insurance
  • Tourist visa (approx. $105)
  • Tips (approx. $150)
  • Total recommended spending money $500 AUD
  • Taxi’s for extra shopping trips and outside of itinerary excursion
  • Extra puja’s and flower offerings 
(approx. $50)
  • I extra night in Chennai on 7th January if you’d like to take time to acclimatize (highly recommended and can be organized by Rachel)
  • Extra travel and tours for India can be arranged via Sanjay –
  • Flights can be arranged by Kate Scott Riche Travel


Some of our past retreat participants share their experiences about journeying to India with Ray of Light

Sue Reid ~ Meditation teacher and personal trainer (2016 Retreat)

I know and trusted Rachel as well as the opportunity to do yoga everyday with her. I have travelled in organised groups previously but this group was small and we were going to specific places to do yoga, ayurvedic healing and Hinduism in which I was interested.

I really loved southern India and especially the ayurvedic treatments and sessions with Dr NC in Chennai. Seeing Dr NC and gaining a practice to heal myself was the most beneficial item of my trip.

You will fall in love with India and the lovely people who are so gracious, helpful and accommodating. Fantastic food journey and marvelous experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. Do it!

Anna Scott ~ Teacher (India retreat 2016)

India can be a confronting, overwhelming country with so much to experience. I thought it would be great to explore it with someone who had been before and what better way than to have the company of likeminded people to do so. Your compassionate, fun-loving and easy-going nature made you a perfect choice to go with, as well as your experience with the country. Also being able to maintain and deepen my yoga practice along the way was a great incentive!

I rediscovered myself – my ability to go with the flow, to be excited, and feel at ease in seemingly overwhelming or confronting situations. I discovered my own passions and what is important to me, as well as feeling grateful for my own life and the opportunities I have, so to make to the most of my own life and live compassionately. I also deepened my own spiritual connectedness to life and was inspired by the people we met along the way.

Do it! This is a life changing experience. Rachel is fun and caring, always ensuring you are safe and well looked after. You will get to experience things you wouldn’t otherwise if you travelled alone. An experience you will always cherish!

Sally Curtis ~ Psychologist (India trip 2016)

I decided to travel with Rachel because she has been several times before and have a passion for India so I figured you would know the best places to go and would also show us some unique experiences! Also being time poor I didn’t want to organise anything myself!!

I learnt I want to see more of India!! Probably the biggest thing I got from the trip was learning about yoga from a more spiritual perspective and coming home and applying that to improve my day to day way of life at home.

To definitely go!! Its a unique place, with such an interesting history and culture.

Its opened me up to learning more about India herself and her people but also more about a philosophy of life and living that is completely different to that which we practice in the west.

Julie Lineham ~ Director (India trip 2016)

The trip and experience in India was awesome, thanks for organizing this amazing journey.

Every day was different. It exceeded my expectations and was truly an amazing experience.

I would recommend anyone to try this.

I had never done yoga before joining the group but it didn’t matter.

Thanks again Rachel for sharing your India with me.

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Dates: Monday 8th January – Monday 22nd January 2018

Location: Various locations throughout Southern India

Investment: $3695 if paid in full – Payment plans available see below

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