Level Two: Teacher Training (150hrs)


This 150 hour level 2 teacher training will help you find the truth in your practice and share authentically from the heart.
Yoga Teacher Training Student
Yoga Teacher Training Stretch
Yoga Teacher Training Stretch

About our Advanced Teacher Training program

Join Rachel and Sarah for 150 hours of immersive, level 2 teacher training starting in February 2019. This training is suitable for teachers who have already completed a minimum 200 hours of training, in any tradition. 

The training is held in the stunning rainforest set studio at Ray of light in Bulli. Ayurvedic food and refreshments are provided throughout all trainings, as well as the five-day immersion in secluded northern Bali at Abasan Gaia Oasis retreat.

Training Modules:

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as the mirror 
- This component/module is held over three immersive days of chanting, studying and deep reflection. Through a process self-inquiry we explore the Yoga Sutras as a mirror to our minds. How can I define the even state of mind that I crave? What interrupts my mental clarity? What is the cause of these disturbances? What methods lead me towards the state of Yoga?

The Bhagavad Gita – This module delves into the yogic wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, and unpacks the paths to a state of yoga; as taught by Krishna in this epic text. Discover new ways to understand and teach from this timeless classic in a way that is relatable to our modern lives.

Dharma circle – Self-enquiry is the heart of the yogic path. Spend time in sacred circle with experienced facilitators to guide you on a journey of self-discovery through group process and yoga philosophy.

Deepening into practice and teaching – Theory and practice of yoga techniques including classical Vinyasa Krama, creative sequencing, the Vinyasa of Pranayama, Vinyasa of meditation (Dharana), Bandha, Mudra, Chanting, and other traditional yoga techniques. Substantial emphasis will be given to both the theory and guided practice. 

Teaching beyond the class format – Explore course and workshop development – how to establish your teaching and offerings beyond the 1.5 hour class format.

Living your yoga – Explore your personal Sadhana; staying inspired and engaged with your own practice is a must for teachers. You’ll be supported in engaging in daily self-practice.

Refresh your Sanskrit – Revise your connection to the ancient language of yoga, the sanskrit alphabet and sounds. Receive feedback on your pronunciation of postures, key words and mantras. This module will inspire you to keep this language alive for yourself and your students.

Nada yoga – Voice opening, toning and projection techniques to build confidence whilst teaching, reading, chanting and public speaking. Discover creative ways of working with and exploring fear when it comes to public speaking.

Trauma informed and inclusive teaching – Learn the tools, language modifications and teaching methodology to provide an inclusive experience for all students. This module includes an inquiry into yoga and body image; how yoga harms & how yoga heals.

Ayurveda – Learn more about Yoga’s sister science and philosophy (Ayur – Life, Veda – wisdom). You will experience and study self-care practices, nutrition and seasonal lifestyle modifications empowering you and your students to live in harmony with natures rhythms. Learn how to use the model of the elements and Doshas to support your students seasonally and for their constitution.

Yogic physiology – Study the subtle anatomy and energy fields including: nadis, koshas, chakras and gunas. We will explore how to apply this wisdom, including how to weave it throughout your classes and private yoga sessions with students.

Ethics– Reflecting on ethics for yoga teachers, social justice, power and oppression. What does it mean to be in the seat of the teacher, and the student and explore a framework of learning and teaching.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Practice
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Manual
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Ayurveda Meal

Trainee Testimonial

I feel that my understanding of yoga has deepened further than I could have anticipated. My ability to deal with every day life and the challenges it imposes, has been strengthened in the short time since I began this course through my deeper understanding of yoga and its application in the every day world. My physical practice is also getting stronger – as is the flow on effect my study has had on other members of my family. I could not have anticipated the new ideas and experiences that have come my way since starting the teacher training course.

Denise Martin

Teacher Trainee

Ray of light Bulli offers a nurturing and caring environment to study yoga teacher training. Rachel has so much wisdom and knowledge to share from yoga philosophy and she offers a course that provides you with a wide range of skills to take you on your yoga journey. These include trauma yoga, kids and teen yoga, pregnancy yoga, sankrit language skills and much much more! I loved the course so much that I am continuing further studies with her this year to delve deeper into yoga and its wisdom

Tegan Barnett

Teacher Trainee

About your mentors

Rachel Nokes

Principle teacher trainer / Yoga Therapist / Yoga Teacher / Psychotherapist / Ayurvedic Practitioner
Rachel began her yoga journey in London in the late 90’s and felt the call to teach after a trip to India in 2006. She has studied under the guidance of Katie Mantisas (Jivamukti Yoga) completing her first teacher training nearly a decade ago. Since then she has continued to seek and deepen her knowledge under the Krishnamacharya linage with the highly respected Dr N Chandrasekaran and Jasmine Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus. Her interest in Ayurveda prompted her to seek out further training with Dr Rama Prasad, Mother Maya and David Frawley and she returns to India each year to refresh and expand her training in Yoga, Vendanta and Ayurveda.

Rachel teaches dynamic yet playful group classes at Ray of Light and leads retreats in Australia and overseas in Bali and India. She works with a wide variety of clients who are interested in using the tools of Yoga therapy and Ayurveda to take care of themselves, improve their wellbeing and regain their health.

Rachel also brings with her 13 years of clinical experience as a counselling therapist, therapeutic group work facilitator and trainer. Rachel holds a Diploma in Counselling and group work, Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling and Cert IV in training and assessment, Dip in Sport studies, Dip Sport and Leisure Management, Cert Ayurvedic lifestyle counselling, Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic pharmacy.

Life for Rachel is about continuous growth and learning which she balances by whole heartedly sharing her knowledge and giving back to the community. She works with A Sound Life Charity, bringing yoga and music to those in need as well as being involved in “Yoga off the Mat” a grass roots organization started by Sean Corn in the states.

Sarah Ball

Co-hosting Bali Retreat with Rachel

Sarah Ball has been teaching yoga for 15 years and practising for over 20 years. She is the founder of Body Love Yoga Australia, and is also an eating disorder and body image counsellor, trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, course developer with Off The Mat Into The World Australia, and lover of raspberries. Sarah travels regularly to teach, and spent much of 2013 coordinating a non-profit yoga studio in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is currently completing a master of social work.

Having completed three yoga teacher trainings in diverse traditions, as well as extensive training in social justice, mental health and counselling, Sarah brings a broad range of perspectives to her work on yoga teacher trainings. Sarah specialises in facilitating rich discussions that challenge our assumptions about our role as yoga teachers, expand our awareness of the applications of yoga in diverse contexts, and refine our capacity to facilitate change on both the personal and social level. Learn more at her website. 

The program is run from our boutique rainforest studio, set in the Bulli escarpment. We are located an hour south of Sydney and 20 minutes north of Wollongong.The area boasts plentiful accommodation options and we welcome students from near and far.

Students are invited to continue in a mentoring program following completion of the YTT for ongoing support and continued professional development.

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Teacher Mentoring Sessions

Did you know Rachel offers highly customised, one-on-one mentoring sessions to new and evolving teachers? Discover how you can refine your skills and potently share your passion today!

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Weekend Sample Schedule

6.30am – 8am Morning practice

8am – 9am Ayurvedic breakfast

9am – 11am Session 1

11.00 -11.15am Morning tea

11.15am – 1pm Session 2

1pm -2pm Ayurvedic lunch

2pm – 3.30pm Session 3

3.30pm 3.45pm Afternoon tea

3.45pm – 5.30pm Session 4


2019 Dates

10th & 11th August

7th & 8th September

11th, 12th, October

10th – 14th November Bali retreat

7th & 8th December



The full price of the course is $4995 the early bird price is $4395. Payment must be received in full by 1st Febrary 2019 to take advantage of the early bird offer.

Payment plan contracts are available on request.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the training.


We have a scholarship place available please contact us via the form below for the applicaiton process.

Fees & Inclusions

  • 150 hours of face to face training with experienced mentors.
  • Your personal Ayurvedic chef prepares seasonal breakfast, lunch and snacks during weekends
  • A 5-night retreat at Abasan Mountain retreat in North Bali, including all meals and shared accommodation
  • Home study and practice guidelines
  • 1 text books and a manual
  • Online support between weekends

Please note that flights to Bali are not included in your tuition fees approx $450 – $750.


  1. Fill in and submit the online application form (or download and send completed form to info@rayoflightyoga.com)
  2. You will be notified within 10 days of your acceptance. If you dont’ hear from us it means we haven’t recieved your application so please call 0414 585 688.
  3. Pay $500 non refundable deposit once you’ve been accepted onto the course.
  4. We offer a 30 minute complimentary phone session with Rachel to discuss your application and questions regarding the course content etc.


2019 – Applications open

Morning Chanting Advanced Teacher Training

Terms & Conditions of Accreditation

  • All assessment tasks through out the course must be completed to achieve certification at the end of the course.
  • A daily self practice and journal
  • Advance notice of absence must be given where possible. Students may miss 1 weekend (2 days) of the course but will be expected to complete assignments as required.
  • All days missed require a minimum of a 1 hour mentoring session ($110 per session).
  • Students from other traditions will need to attend a 3 hour bridge course POA.

Please make sure you have read the detailed version of our Terms and Conditions.



We are currently in the process of getting this training accredited with Yoga Alliance.


  • A YACEP® or a qualified provider who meets the following criteria:

    • is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT®) currently registered with Yoga Alliance, or
    • has a relevant degree or certification, and/or substantial education in an area of expertise related to
      one of the YA Educational Categories, combined with substantial teaching and/or professional experience in that area.

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Address: 20 Cope Place
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Phone: 0414 585 688