If we are what we eat… What are you made of?

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The age old saying we are what we eat ……..rings true in my ears. My mum’s got it right, a dedicated gardener growing all her own produce..

Ayurveda teaches us that our cells and tissues are created from the food that we eat. According to Ayurveda local foods are simply more healthy of you, in fact they can actually build your immune system. There’s great value in living in tune with the cycles of nature, eating with the seasons, and harvesting food. We are intimately connected with the environment around us. According to the Ayurvedic texts, when we eat foods grown in the local soil of our area it strengthens our connection to the land and the local laws of nature. It makes us stronger in our immunity and in our digestion.
On an energetic level we know this, yet so many of us are disconnected from our food source that we have no idea who or how they are growing the food we consume everyday.

Buy local because;

It has more nutrition and more Prana (life force)
It connects you to the cycles of nature and the cycles of our bodies
Increases vitality nourishing our tissues
We are connected to our local eco system similar to indigenous belief we are literally made of the land we live on.
We are lucky in my local area to have access to local, organic food. Yet convenience often reins in our busy lives. Can you imagine the smile I had on my face when the vibrant and passionate Sarah from Pope’s Produce turned up with the luscious box of salad and veggies. I’ve just signed up for her amazing offer $40 for 4 weekly deliveries of greens and goodies. Ray of light will now be a drop off point for these delicious greens every Thursday at 2pm.

The Flame Tree coop is another favourite food hangout of mine. Take your own containers to reduce plastic waste, they have a great range of grains, dry goods, dairy and natural cleaning products. They are run entirely by volunteers (they are often looking for new peeps and you get 25% discount).

Ayurveda does recommend food groups for your body type however, I think if you are generally healthy, eating locally grown, mostly lovingly cooked foods in a relaxing environment this will stand you in good stead.

If you would like more information or like to join in a local food seeking and cooking class get in touch. We also facilitate nourishing seasonal day retreats at our clinic in Bulli helping you to live in tune with the cycles of the year.

Popes Produce 0432960284

Fair Food Illawarra

Green Boxes locally sourced foods

Hidden Harvest

Flame Tree Community Food Co-op

Thirroul Community Garden