Five Reasons to Detox this Spring

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Ayurveda | 0 comments

Five Reasons to Detox this Spring (according to Ayurveda ….)


  1. Spring is the optimal time for lightening and clearing the body after the heaviness of winter – if you, like me, indulged in a few too many winter treats (ahhh pudding & hot chocolates!) there is some excess heaviness to shed. By cleansing in spring, your body aligns perfectly with the seasons.
  2. A Spring detox harmonises you with the energy of Nature. With Spring comes bursts of colour, shoots of green, warmth and new life. The cold & dullness winter is left behind and the world rejuvenates. It is time for you to do the same, body, mind and spirit. We are after all, a microcosm of Nature.
  3. Spring is the time to let go – just as the snow releases and melts after winter, physically and mentally we should let go to – what are you holding onto that doesn’t serve you? Excess kilos? Unhelpful thought patterns? Is something stuck, heavy, stagnant? A spring detox will allow the melting away to occur.
  4. An Ayurvedic detox is gentle, and does not require you to be hungry. You will simply be introducing foods that are perfect for the season which are light and easy to digest – seasonal greens, berries, fresh ginger, turmeric and spicy soups. Throw away your carrot and celery sticks!
  5. You will feel good – actually amazing! Feel a bounce in your step, a lightness in your body, mind & spirit, a twinkle in your eye & a smile on your face.

Ayurveda’s word for detox is langhanam which means “mindfully making light” – sound good to you?

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