An Interview with Rachel ~ What is Yoga Therapy?

by | Feb 4, 2017 | Ray of Light Yoga | 1 comment

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is the application of the tools of yoga (postures, movement, breath, visualisation) to bring about healing.

Yoga Therapy unites powerful ancient wisdom with western biomedical knowledge to improve your health. It offers a potent prescription designed to address your specific issues and to enhance optimal wellbeing.


Who can yoga therapy work for?

Yoga therapy can work for everyone.

Forget the fancy poses and lycra ! In Yoga therapy the therapist meets the student where they are at, and the practice is designed for that individual.

Physical injuries can be effectively treated through yoga therapy. It also compliments treatments for health conditions from endocrine imbalance, to high blood pressure, thyroid issues, anxiety and depression, chronic health issues such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and pre and post-operative care. Essentially, Yoga Therapy can be used to address any health issue.

As a Yoga Therapist, I will assess the issues, pinpoint your needs, and design your yoga therapy program. You will receive clear instructions for daily practice, lifestyle and dietary guidelines and ongoing support in a nurturing, safe environment. I can work with your medical doctor, naturopath or psychologist.


How did you come to practice yoga therapy?

I found yoga extremely helpful in looking after myself and managing a challenging work environment. I had completed various Yoga teacher trainings. I was looking for something with more depth, like counseling , as I wanted to work with people therapeutically.

Yoga therapy has given me that , and with 4 years of additional study, I am now registered with the Australian Association of Yoga therapists and able to work with people in a therapeutic way, and of course the counseling experience is also really helpful. I’ve also had my own Yoga therapy practice for the last 4 years and have definitely felt the benefits.

What is the best thing about your work?

When people make a small change, like practicing for 30 minutes a day, this can have a huge impact. Health improves, and symptoms decrease. When I see these improvements it makes my heart sing. Science is now proving what the yogi’s have known for thousands of years. By breathing, moving, and eating properly, our bodies can heal themselves. I support people who are already receiving western medicine, or psychology, and I add the holistic care that they might not be receiving through western medicine.

What are your dreams for Yoga therapy?

It is my dream to open a health centre where everyone can access Yoga and Ayurveda for their health. People with cancer, mental health issues, addiction, or what ever they are struggling with, they can have access to this ancient wisdom to support there health and wellbeing.


What is Ayurveda and how does it fit with Yoga therapy?

Ayurveda means science of life. It fits nicely with Yoga therapy because it deals with the diet and lifestyle aspect of life. We also offer therapeutic treatments. So if someone was coming about a knee or hip issue we sometimes suggest some body treatments to speed up the healing process. I also make diet recommendations and sometimes even teach people how to cook nourishing foods if they aren’t confident in the kitchen.

How would someone go about booking a Yoga therapy session?

They would contact me via phone or email. I have an introductory offer of 3 sessions for $280. I find this helps as we can meet weekly
for the first few sessions for support and motivation. If someone is chronically unwell, I can do home visits, otherwise I invite clients to my clinic in Bulli. It’s really peaceful and set in the rain forest. We sit down and chat over a herbal tea, I get a full health history and then we start with the practice. Sometimes we start with the breath and build in movements and other things from there. No experience is required.